case study: shop sharon

Dallas-based Sharon Capehart is a You-tuber whose fan following is passionate about fashion, jewelry and makeup. Sharon wanted to create an online store where she could sell some of her favorite jewelry finds to her targeted audience, and eventually expand its offerings into makeup and skin care. Oh Рand she needed to do it at a reasonable price!

It took us about two weeks to implement and finalize this specific design for her shop, which is completely integrated with WordPress and an affordable commerce plugin called WooCommerce. Because much of the storefront functionality was already built in, we were able to save Sharon a lot of money on development, while we focused on tweaking the design and layout and customizing and loading products.

Sharon has the ability to run sales, add coupons, build a mailing list… customers can create accounts on her site, and purchase items securely via seamless Paypal integration.

Shop Sharon’s Weekend Launch Sale was HUGE – and she plans to add new products on a weekly basis.

Visit online: