case study: peter edwards ambient,

The Project

PETER EDWARDS AMBIENT is a musician who creates dark, cinematic soundscapes using unusual sound effects and brooding atmospheric pads. We originally designed the CD packaging and logos for his debut album, suspended.Lucidity, in 2015, along with videos for his YouTube channel.

Most recently we helped Peter design the packaging and materials for his latest release, Binary Abstractions. Work included designing logos and stickers, CD cover art, and vintage disk labels.

The Result

Website Development (2016)

We built Peter a responsive website which features his music and provides links for fans to listen and purchase his work. He wanted it to be minimalistic in look and feel, and to mainly focus on the music.

Packaging & Graphic Design (2015, 2016, 2017)

Peter likes album materials to utilize lots of numbers – in fact, he embeds secret messages on his CD’s and within the artwork that astute code-breakers can decipher and use to lead them to free downloads and prizes. We went with a dark, abstract theme that reflected the tone and mood of the music.

Another element we enjoyed was customizing the UPC code on the album. These scannable boxes are included on almost every product these days, and almost always look the same – boring! So we spiced it up by making the image look like it was disintegrating into random numbers and floating away. We also created the design for a USB card drive that was sold along with the CD as an exclusive package.

Video Production

For Peter’s YouTube channel, we’ve created teaser videos for his albums, as well as official videos for all of his album tracks, using still images and adding custom voice production to the music.

Social Media Development

We set up and designed Peter’s social media channels to match his album theme, keeping the overall look and feel consistent across all channels:

Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

Thank you for the assistance with my CD’s debut release – you actually brought the vision in my head into reality! It was a great relief to have you handle the design work, as well as set up my YouTube and social channels. I’ve had loads of compliments from my fans and listeners. Well done!

Peter Edwards Ambient

Musician, Coolambient Studios