case study: radio mystic

The Challenge

RADIO MYSTIC is an internet radio content provider specializing in music and spoken word podcasts that it streams to its listeners around the globe. Their needs were straightforward: podcast BRANDING and PRODUCTION.

The Solution

Podcast Production: To start, we enlisted the voices of several female and male artists to create the “intros” or introductions for each show, developing the sound effects & music (or lack thereof) to each show’s differing style and content. Once the intros and outros were complete, we began the process of defining each show’s signature style and “sound”. As most of Radio Mystic’s podcasts are music-oriented, each show could easily be assembled by their production team, but they prefer to have us edit and mix down all of their episodes so that everything remains consistent. We also assist with script writing and gathering the necessary voice actors.

We also handled the entire iTunes set up and verification process for each podcast. Radio Mystic is considering converting their audio podcasts to videos for a possible Youtube channel implementation in the near future. Why? Youtube is a HUGE content provider of MUSIC. Surprised?

Podcast Branding: We came up with a variety of characters who each would represent one podcast on the Radio Mystic Network. We chose female personifications to appeal to their predominantly male audience, and tailored the designs to the style of each podcast.


Insanely awesome job! Our listeners are loving the new podcast intros and new show formats. Thanks guys!

Pete H.

Program Director, Radio Mystic Music Network

  • Podcast Downloads 68% 68%
  • Website Traffic 50% 50%
  • Conversion Rate 75% 75%

Measurable Results

Since the re-branding, Radio Mystic has noticed more website traffic, a higher number of podcast downloads, and an increase in conversion rates from casual visitors to podcast listeners. Nice when you can see the results of all your hard work, right?