case study: sharon capehart, you-tuber

The Project

Video Production, YouTube setup development & maintenance

Video Production
We’ve been working with Sharon Capehart in various projects for over 15 years. Most recently, in Spring of 2016, Sharon began the process of refining her Youtube presence with the goal of turning it into a profitable income source. She asked us to re-vamp her YouTube channel and take on the task of editing and producing her weekly videos. We handle the entire process for her: once she sends us her recorded raw video, we edit and produce the final cut, including music.

YouTube channel: development and maintenance
Once we’ve produced Sharon’s videos (she publishes on average two videos each week), we upload them to YouTube. We add embedded links within videos that direct viewers to her website, other videos and playlists, and sales pages. Sharon chooses to edit her video descriptions and searchable tags herself, but consults with us if she has any issues. We also keep an eye on her channel in general, making changes and updates based on new developments in the Youtube community.

Thumbnail Design
We also design a thumbnail for each of Sharon’s videos. Youtube is an interesting beast – if a video thumbnail isn’t attractive or eye-catching, people may not even bother to click on the video at all. It’s a side effect of our instant-gratification society. We try to create images for Sharon that are colorful and bold (matching her personality!) and that are designed to catch the eye as viewers scroll through Youtube’s unlimited videos and playlists.


“Randy is the sh**! I know that whatever project I ask him and his team to take on, he’s going to deliver over and above anything I could have expected.

I’ve tried farming out different aspects of my business to various people and companies, and they all disappoint when compared to Randy and his team.

I do NOT trust anyone else with my online presence, period.”

Sharon Capehart

Positively Women, Inc.


Increase in average Video Views


Increase in Youtube Subscribers


Reduction of Sharon's stress level