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Social media is an interesting beast. Some businesses seem to thrive and get measurable benefits from being on sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram – it could be all or a combination of any of these – and some try and try when they’d be better served by (gasp!) ignoring social media altogether.

Which type of business are you? Sometimes you can’t tell until you test the waters, and other times it’s an obvious choice based upon your customer or client demographics and habits. Whichever the case, we can help you determine if social media is where you need to be, and if so, we’ll set up your pages and design banners and graphics to gel with your website and branding materials.

Weekly / monthly updates: We believe you’re always best-served in the long run by having someone in your organization who’s familiar with your business (and customers’ needs) handle your social media posting. However, if you don’t have the staff to handle consistent posting, or you’d just rather have us deal with it, we can help you locate a social media/marketing manager who understands your business and brand.