services: web design, maintenance & hosting

web design, maintenance & hosting

Web Design: We can help take your ideas from paper to screen and build a website that best promotes your business and brand. We specialize in WordPress set-ups, and all of our sites are RESPONSIVE (they adapt to different screen sizes of desktops, tablets & phones).

If you like getting under the hood, WordPress sites make it fairly easy for you to get in and do work on your site without having to call (or pay) us every time you need an update. Of course, many of our clients choose to have us do all the work so they can spend time on what matters most: running and building their business!

Web Hosting: Honestly, there are many good companies out there who can host websites at reasonable prices, and we work with many clients who are hosted by a variety of these companies. However, some businesses would rather have us be their “one-stop shop” and handle all of their online needs without having to deal with the confusion of many different companies. If that’s something you’re interested in, just let us know!

Please visit our online portfolio and click the “web design” filter for detailed samples of some of our design work.