At a recent industry event targeting agencies and advertisers, Youtube CEO Susan Wojcicki announced that “on mobile alone YouTube now reaches more 18- to 49-year-olds than any network — broadcast or cable. In fact, we reach more 18- to 49-year-olds [in the U.S.] during prime time than the top 10 TV shows combined.”

youtube1This is huge, gang. If your service or business doesn’t have a Youtube channel, it’s definitely worth considering. I know, not a lot of people have the desire to get in front of a camera and talk. If that’s not your bag, baby, you don’t have to do that! A video can also be just a narration with images or photos – no having to primp the hair, do the makeup, shave, yadda yadda. A Youtube channel can promote your services, products or business location; it can also be a forum for you to share your skills, thoughts and talents with your followers. How deeply you get into it is totally up to you! Another benefit is that Youtube results show up in search engines (and it’s tied to Google, HELLO!) so they’re another way to get yourself in front of potential clients, customers and fans.

If you already have some video you’d like to post online, or you’d like to explore the options of using video for your business, check out our video services then drop us a note. We’re always happy to talk via phone or in person (especially over coffee!) and discuss the possibilities with you. All initial consultations are FREE, with no obligations.